This site was coded by hand and is just a placeholder for this domain; I have been meaning to put something here for years. I do not have much to put here and I only keep this domain around so I don't have to change my e-mail adress. I am no web designer so I figure I'll just use this as a place to play around with PHP, CSS and HTML when I have nothing else better to do at work. Being a Network Administrator for a mid sized buisness does give me some down time. This site is not ment to be impressive at all, heck I want to leave it simple. Simple being a relitive term as this site already uses multiple files and I'm using PHP incules to pull everything together.

When you are done looking around you can check out my Wordpress site here: http://K6USY.com. There is much more interesting things going on over there like my blog for example.

This site includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://maxmind.com/